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We will add all of benefits/perks that each rank gives in the next few weeks.

  1. Guest
  2. Member


  1. Member-1
  2. Member-2
  3. Member-3

(These are donator's ranks, and STACK with Member Ranks)

  1. VIP
  2. VIP-1
  3. VIP-2
  4. VIP-3

(Staff Ranks, please don't ask. We will ask YOU if we want you as Staff)

  1. Greeter
  2. Moderator
  3. Admin
  4. Admin-1
  5. Admin-2
  6. Admin-3
  7. Owner

Ranking Up

  • To rank from Guest to Member you Become A Member
  • For Member to Member-3 you participate on the server, and are AUTOMATICALLY ranked up.

Please, do NOT ask staff to rank you up.
Please, do NOT ask what you need to do for your next level. (They DON'T KNOW, and CAN'T CHECK.)

  • Things that DO count, including but NOT limited to:
    • Being ONLINE (and not just chatting on the server network)(AFK does NOT count)
    • Building & Mining
    • Slaying Mobs
    • Making & enchanting items
    • Buying and selling items
    • Participating in Server Events
    • Participating in the Mini-Games in the Games World