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All commands are inherited from lower ranks.
For example, if a Guest has a command, then a Member will have that command.

Guest Commands

Command Info More Info
/help Shows help [on a command]
/afk Toggle AFK
/list Lists users currently online
/mail Reads/Sends mail
/motd Shows the MOTD (Message Of The Day)
/rules Shows the SERVER RULES
/spawn Returns you to Spawn (Lobby)
/ignore Toggle ignore (stops you from receiving chat from annoying people)
/pm /msg /w Sends a private message (user MUST be online)
/r Replies to the last private message (user MUST be online)
/me sends an "emote" /me jumps for joy

Member Commands


Residence Limits - Main

Max Residences: 3
Max Areas per Residence: 2
Max Area (East West): 100 Blocks
Max Area (North South): 100 Blocks

Residence Limits - Sub Zones

per Residence: 3
area (East West): 16 Blocks
area (North South): 16 Blocks

Command List

Create Residence

To create a Residence (Grief Protect your stuff).
You will need to mark your land with a STICK.

  1. LEFT CLICK the STICK in the upper left corner of your land.
  2. RIGHT CLICK the STICK in the lower right corner of your land.
  3. Then enter the following commands.
/res select vert (this sets your selection from bedrock to sky)
/res create NameOfYourResidenceHere
Expand Your Residence
  1. Stand inside your residence
/res select residence (this command also shows the graphics of your borders)
/res select expand 20 (Face the direction you want to expand)
/res select vert (this sets your selection from bedrock to sky)
Optional Residence Commands
Enter/exit messages
  1. Stand inside your residence
/res message enter Entering blah blah blah...
/res message leave Leaving blah blah blah...

Command Tools

Icon Tool Left/Right Click Function Info
SpiderEye LogBlock Right Shows who placed a block
Bone Residence Check Left Shows a Residence Zone (if any)
Bone WorldGuard Check Right Shows a WorldGuard Zone (if any)
Stick Residence Select Left/Right Sets a residence starting and end point