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Current Rules / Acceptable Use

Here is the (for now) short list of rules

  1. This is a family friendly server, be polite, respectful, use common sense.
  2. No disruptive behavior, this includes but NOT limited to:
    1. Swearing
    2. Explicit skins / chat / messages / email / emotes / drawing(s) / building(s)
    3. Spamming (chat, command, actions, logins, etc.)
    4. Griefing, except in permitted worlds
    5. Pestering / Getting in the way of people or builds
    6. Political / Religious discussions are HIGHLY discouraged
    7. Abuse
    8. Hate speech / bullying (will be reported to the proper authorities)
    9. Hacked / Exploit clients
    10. Derpy building(s) (useless one block towers etc.)
    11. NO asking for OP / Staff ranks. If we think you will make a good match for staff, WE will talk to YOU!
      All staff must be 18+ with VERY few exceptions (Like I know you or your parents in REAL LIFE)
    12. Advertising (Other MC Servers, Products, ANYTHING)
  3. If you have a disagreement, work it out among yourselves
  4. Report all exploits, bugs etc. to SDpyro (via in-game email: /mail SDpyro your message here)

  • The staff is NOT here to babysit you or others.
  • Repeated offences will result in being muted, jailed, banned.
    Being unbanned is VERY difficult.
    Your friend / sibling / parent / enemy doing bad things with your account is NOT an excuse, protect your username/password.

Privacy policy

  • We log ALL IP's (for the website and for the MC server), ALL chat, and your minecraft ID/UUID. The website may use cookies for the usual purposes, and NEVER for ads or marketing crap.
    Generally speaking we will NOT share any of your info with anyone unless there is a legal need to do so.
    An example: We WILL report bullying or illegal stuff to law enforcement. We will share with them all data we have, including chat logs and / or screen shots.

Become A Member

This is slightly over the top for security (mainly the part where you have to /changepassword TWICE). But its better to protect your account. Especially if you ever donate and become VIP, or are staff.

NOTICE: We will NEVER give/sell/rent your info, except where required by Law (see above)

  1. Read and agree to abide by the rules (See above)
  2. /register Your@email
  3. Check your email (also your spam box) you should have a reply in a few minutes.
  4. /login PasswordFromYourEmail
  5. /changepassword OLDpassword YourNewPassword
  6. Check your email (also your spam box) you should have a reply in a few seconds to a few minutes.
  7. /verification #####
  8. /changepassword OLDpassword YourNewPassword