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News: 12/24/2020

  • Server v1.16.5

News: 12/19/2020

  • We are waiting for 1.16.5 to become stable
  • REGISTRATION SYSTEM IS NOW ACTIVE - Everyone gets to /register (even SDpyro & Staff)

News: 12/1/2020

  • Server updated to 1.16.4
    • Let me know if you want something uploaded

News: 12/11/2019

Please VOTE for us!

News: 10/04/2019

ALL worlds are OFF (except the SPAWN world)
Get ready for a NEW spawn and main world. ART/RIDES will return if possible!

News: 09/26/2019

Ideas? Plugin requests etc? "/mail SDpyro " with your new idea(s).
It is time to expand the number of players on the server, and get regular staff playing again.

I am bringing back the self service registration system again.
Keep checking back on this page for more info. (The on-join message in game will let you know when there is something new posted here).

News: 09/14/2019

All plugins are now updated and throw no errors in the logs.
Phew, that took some time. Only had to disable two plugins, I will keep an eye on them or find replacements.
We MAY do a world wipe and start from scratch again to take advantage of the new map generation bits.
Worlds that will NOT be affected: Art, Rides/Games

News: 09/10/2019

Server updated to 1.14.4
All plugins are now up

News: 10/25/2017

SDpyro's World is BACK! - Now known as SDpyro's Universe!
New Minecraft Server Address:

Our Rules:
Our Staff:
Check back here for more info soon!